Virgin Bhanupriya (2020) movie review.

Virgin Bhanupriya (2020).

Virgin Bhanupriya (2020) movie review.
Virgin Bhanupriya by Urvashi Rautela.

Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Archana Puran Singh, 

Niki Walia, Gautam Gulati, Brijendra Kala, 

Ramana Molla, Vijaylaxmi Singh, Rajiv Gupta, 

Delnaaz Irani, Sumit Gulati.

Director: Ajaya Lohan.

Language: Hindi.

Cinematography: Johny Lal.

Music director: Chirrantan Bhatt, Ramji Gulati.

Release date: 16 July 2020.

Running time: 1hr 51mins.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.

What's there in Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)?.

Virgin Bhanupriya is a story of one girl who can't have sex, even if she has a boyfriend.

The nicest of this movie is dialogues, it flavoured the story with its little enigmatic double meaning satires.

Urvashi Rautela as Bhanupriya showed her okayish acting. Gautam Gulati as Shartiya not bad.

The only one who did his role well is Sumit Gulati, that's my thought, whenever he comes on screen, engage the story with his innocent funny smile and entertaining dialogues.

Music by Chirrantan Bhatt and Ramji Gulati hits the floor with the moves of Urvashi Rautela.

The finishing is a little unexpected one by adding a hero also can't have sex because of his cavernous dysfunction and finally, the story ends with the failure of the heroine.

Eventually the gripping things of the story is dialogues and the songs with the moves of Urvashi Rautela.

Brijendra Kala and Rumana Molla did their role well compared to others.

What's not there in Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)?.

There are many unnecessary lazy jokes that slow down the movie and also irritated us, for instance, the comparing scene of ultra wing pad with an ultra pressure cooker, there are many tiresome jokes like this in many places of the story.

The hero role also should have executed better, there is no that much funniness or romance between heroine or to his role.

 The films gets extremely dramatic even after the 30mins from the starting, the fact is you will feel that 30mins as the first half.

The length of the movie should have crafted to better versions it's too lengthy and also failed to engage though its a lengthy one.

Star performance:

It fits Urvashi Rautela.

Not because of her average acting, it is for the reason of her good dance moves.

The storyline of Virgin Bhanupriya movie.

It starts from the love failure of a heroine because her boyfriend caught by police for cheating the customers by selling local dogs as an imported one.

The soothsayer also predicted the heroine's tragic life as she can't have sex even if she has a boyfriend, so heroine decided to overcome that by having sex but she fails in every attempt.

After that whether she had sex or not, this is the storyline of this story.


Lazy screenplay with few irritating jokes, watch this only for Urvashi Rautela, my thought is the movie could still have been better.

( Rating: 3/5. )

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