Musical Chair (2020) movie review.

Musical Chair (2020).

Musical Chair movie review
Musical Chair (2020) by Vipin Atley.

Vipin Atley, Allen Rajan Mathew, Jaya,

Padmakrishnana, Jagadeesh Sankaran.

Director: Vipin Atley.

Language: Malayalam.

Cinematography: Vipin Atley.

Music director: Vipin Atley.

Release date: July 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 13mins

Genre: Drama.

What's there in this movie?.

Musical Chair, directed by all-rounder Vipin Atley known for his masterpiece Ben (2015).he also played a lead role in this film and pleasingly conveyed the abstract of life by this movie as Martin character.

From the starting onwards the story goes much realistic by its good characterization like one 32years man with an overwhelming fear of death because of his borderline health issues.

The screenplay in the starting seems to be moving very fast but in the middle, it gets extremely dramatic and bored us.

The climax connectivity also added little perfection to the story.the acting of Vipin Atley looks like good but there is also few flaws.

Not much-tensed plot, but it is made little interesting by Vipin Atley character as Martin.the plot is the life of one 32years guy with a fear of death, though his health condition is not well, he unable to quit his smoking and bad food habits and the story goes like that.

The whole movie is a dramatic one, the only gripping point of this movie is what's the reason for his death because hero roams around in dilemma for the reason after his death.most of the dialogues are biblical ones, with a surplus of meanings.

The cinematography is average one and the camera works comes off decent with few good shots.the background scores by Vipin Atley is also an okayish one.

What's not there in this movie?.

There are many unwanted scenes, that made the movie extreme slow one mainly that hero searching scene whats the purpose of life by asking this to astrologers and book authors that made movie a boring as hell.

There are too many tiresome dialogues about life, the truth is you will definitely sleep if you watch this movie in theatres.

They tried to convey many things about life, but the reality is, it's bored us because of its deep meaning dialogues and tiresome jokes.

Star performance:

It fits to Vipin Atley.

Because of okayish performance as Martin.


The storyline of this movie is, it's a life of one 32years guy with severe fear of death because his dad died in front of him because of his health problems.

The hero has also borderline health issue but he unable to quit his drinking and bad food habits, so it also added more fear to the hero about death, for this reason in every night he feels a delusion of heart attack,for this he also tortured his family mates.

In one scene hero died, the climax is what's the reason for his death and the movie ends with that.


The work of Vipin Atley for this movie is impeccable but the fact is, a boring story with tiresome dialogues if you have time to spare watch this one also.

{   Rating: 3/5. }

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