Law (2020) Kanada movie review.

Law (2020) Kanada movie.

Law (2020) Kanada movie review.
Law (2020)- Kanada film streaming on Amazon prime.

Cast: Ragini Prajwal, Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, 

Siri Prahlad, Hebbale Krishna,

 Rajesh Nataranga, Mukhyamantri Chandru, 

Sudharani, Mandy Ramesh, Nagaraj Murthy, 

Likhith Kurba, Madhu Hedge, Sunetra Pandit.

Director: Raghu Samarth.

Language: Kanada.

Cinematography: Sugnana.

Music director: Vaibhav Vasuki.

Release date: 17 July 2020.

Running time: 2hrs.

Genre: Thriller.

What's there in Law (2020) - Kanada movie?.

Law is a 2020 Indian Kanada language legal courtroom drama film directed by Raghu Samarth.

Ragini Prajwal played a strong role as Nandhini and leading a ensemble casts like Avinash, Achyuth Kumar, Siri Prahlad, Hebbale Krishna and many others.

Firstly the story seems to be a rape victim case and the heroine tries to defend the criminals but it not worked that way we thought, it is a revenge film, the heroine created fake evidence and also framed them as criminals for the crime they have not committed.

We can think the story seems similar to section 375 bollywood movie, but it's not like that, the theme is a little bit similar like I hinted above but the story is not like that.

Music by Vaibhav Vasuki enriched characters mainly that police and lawyer background score it is really good.

The dialogues added a little bit energy to the scenes mainly the first half dialogues of Achyuth Kumar.

Compare to the first half the second half handled in a better way.

What's not there in Law (2020)- Kanada film?.

The cursing of this movie is the first half, there are many irritating and unnecessary scenes, that ruined the first impression of the story.

There are many forceful additions of songs in the good flow of the story, which seems to be unnecessary.

There is also many loopholes or logic mistakes they bend the logics to their wish, we can easily guess the suspense they want to reveal in each scene.

The truth is the theme similar to section 375 movie but the detailing and gripping of the screenplay missing in the entire story.

The director had a chance to use this fresh story in a better way but he just wasted by adding usual masala scenes.

Mainly that first half is wasted by Achyuth Kumar role, we know he is a good actor but by adding many unnecessary scenes and songs they just wasted him.

Star performance.

It fits Ragini Prajwal.

It's because of her little bit of strong role.

The storyline of Law (2020)- Kanada Film.

It is a revenge story though it seems to be a rape victim case in the first half.

The heroine created fake evidence and also framed the villain and his friends as a criminal for raping her.

It's all because of, the villain and his friends raped and also murdered heroine's friend and her father.

So heroine because of that done all this, the climax whether she won the case or not.


 Not much weightage, average story.after comparing negatives and positives OTT release is the best option,watch this on Amazon prime if you have time.

(   Rating: 3/5.  )

Law (2020) kanada movie rating
Law (2020) - Kanada movie rating.

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