Unlock the Haunted App (2020) movie review.

Unlock the Haunted App (2020).

Cast: Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya,

Rishabh Sinha.

Director: Debatma Mandal.

Language: Hindi.

Cinematography: Vishnu Panicker.

Music director: Anurag Saikia.

Release date: 27 June 2020.

Running time: 59mins.

Genre: Horror.

Whats there in this movie?.

Firstly, this is not a fresh content, this is more like a half baked Countdown (2019) movie,in this movie there is a app it tells about the death time of that person who installed ,if they broken that app agreement,they will killed by some ghosts from that app.

In this movie also a same concept but they tinted or modified it to some new thing like if they wants to complete their wish by app,they have to complete three tasks that offered by that app,if they broken any one of the task,their wish will be declined and also killed by that app.

The best thing compared to all,songs and the bacground scores,they are some what average.

The only good thing is,its length,editor done a good job by making to it 1 hour,but thats also no use.

What's not there in this movie?.

Unlock the haunted app is a another disaster of Hina Khan like her recent movie Hacked,because there is no much detailing work like why its that app haunted.

The ghost effects seems to be more old like a shadow that comes from the wall,its a old and hackneyed effect,it should been better with horror visuals.

There is no much frightening scenes to make us scary,all that things are old,nothing new to watch.

The screenplays goes very fast,but there is no use,its a weak story without any perfect detailing.

Many scenes are poor logicless scenes with poor hacking visuals.from the opening scene itself we can guess how the quality of this movie,its just poor with ghost effects.

The climax is unexpected one,like hero kills heroine but you can't sit and watch the entire movie,you will definetely skip most of the scenes.

Star performance:

It fits to Hina Khan.

Because of her average acting for her usual half baked script.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is,it just like a countdown movie,they just modified that app  like it will complete their wish who installed but after that you have to complete the tasks offered by that app orelse it will decline their wish.

Heroine just installed that app as curiosity and for her boyfriend but it hacked her whole life like it killed her best friends and finally it also killed heroine.

I shortly written the main story,there is no need to for the deep,because in this movie also the story is not much deep.


Don't waste a time like me by watching this kind of movies with poor visuals,watch some other good movies which is better with story and visuals.

(   Rating: 2.75/5  )

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