Penguin (2020) movie review.

Penguin (2020) movie.

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Linga,

Madhampatty Rangaraj, Master Advaith, Mathi,

Harini, Sai Jivitha, Nithya Kirubha, Maddy,

Murali,  Muthazhagan, Aishwarya Ramani, Riya,

Thilak Rammohan, Tharini Suresh, Thejank,

Umar, Vadivel.

Director: Eashwar Karthic.

Language: Tamil.

Cinematography: Palani Karthik.

Music director: Santhosh Narayanan.

Release date: 19 June 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 12mins.

Genre: Thriller.

What's there in this movie?.

Firstly,many of us thought this is more like a ponmagal Vandhal movie by seeing the trailer but it not like that,it is different.

For the past two years it is common to see psych thrillers in tamil industry.this movie is also a ice cube in the glass of psych thrillers.

The screenplay revolves around the past and present,the nonlinear narrative made the movie very moving and aroused curiousity in each scenes.

Eashwar Karthik,its a debut film of him,he is known for his role in V1 murder case.many of the cast is new in this movie except keerthi suresh.

The movie travels like usual psych film like by kidnapping childrens, but the twist is,the main villain isn't a psych,its a revenge film with usual psych travel.

The best thing of this movie is keerthi Suresh,showed her brilliant performance as Rhythm.

Linga,we know him from movies like Karuppan,he used to play small roles,but in this he played one important role as Raghu.

Mathi, played a main role as doctor who kidnaps children for organs,i think he is the second villain in this movie.

Villain costume as charlie chaplin is good and added more thrill to the scenes. it is a silent villain role without any dialogues but the movie goes of curiosity.

The dialogues are convincing but seems to be very lengthy.

Music, there is no doubt in that,because it is composed by Santhosh Narayanan,songs conveyed the sad atmosphere of mother who lost her son.lyrics supports the plot.without thrilling soundtrack, this movie is nothing.

Many of the cast is new,but all are done a good job mainly Madhampatty Rangaraj and Master Advaith.

The cinematography is good that nicely pictured the hill station and lake scene are very good mainly that villain intro from the lake.

The hero of the story is that dog named cyrus without him there is no story and climax.Nithya Kirubha played a silent villain role from starting,a unexpected one you can't even guess.

What's not there in this movie.

The main defect is villain role,firstly it seems to be strong,but after the reveal of him it just deprived the impact of the story because it ends with usual revenge story.

The dialogues are also lengthy and boring one.the investigation goes weak,because it is fully finished by the dog itself.

Finally,from the starting the story seems to be strong but it goes weak after the first half.

Star performance:

It fits to Keerthy Suresh.

Because of her acting as Rhythm.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is,firstly it travels usual kidnapping of childrens and the investigation for the kidnapper.

It revolves in present and the past of heroine because heroine's son also kidnapped by that psycho.

There are two villains in this movie,one is usual kidnapper who kidnaps childrens for organs,other one heroine's friend she kidnapped heroine's son for the revenge.

The movie goes interesting by the investigation of that kidnappers. the main interesting thing is that heroine's son escaped from that psych friend in the first half itself,the story line is how heroine findout the reason for kidnapping of her son.


Impressive debut by Eashwar Karthic,one time watchable track,inspite of few criticisms watch this for new cast and their work.checkout my new works at-

----------------------(     Rating:  3.25/5    )--------------------

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