Commando 3 (2019) movie review.

Commando 3 (2019) movie.

Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma,

 Gulshan Devaiah, Angira Dhar, Sumeet Thakur,

Mark Bennington, Manoj Anand, Ian Austin,

Abhilash Chaudhary, Adam Darlington,

Vibhawari Deshpande, Anil George,

Gracy Goswami, Juke Hardy, R. Bhakthi Klein,

Virendra Saxena, Stephen Seal,

Atharva Vishwakarma, Feryna Wazheir.

Director: Aditya Datt.

Language: Hindi.

Cinematography: Mark Hamilton.

Music director: Vikram Montrose,

Prasad Sashte, Mannan Shah.

Release date: 29 November 2019.

Running time: 2hrs 8mins.

Genre: Action.

What's there in this movie?.

This is a routine movie with the story of terrorists who aim to destroy india by planning bomb blasts.

The only best thing of this movie is Vidyut Jammwal action scenes and Tere baab aaya background score,other than this there is noting new.

Vidyut Jammwal brilliant action sequences made the movie little moving and engaged us,without him, there is nothing.

This movie,technically stunning with good visuals,i think this is a high budget film because there is some much of car and bike chase scenes and fight sequences.

Adah Sharma, intro of her as expert in fights is good but afterwards her importance goes depriving and irritated us  because of her romance in serious scenes.just a worst one.

Angira Dhar,compared to Adah Sharma she done a better job in this movie even in action scenes also.

Gulshan Devaiah,the intro him is good and build upped much but you will feel definetely it is over exaggerated one after watching just few scenes of him.

The intro scenes are added more promise to watch like hero intro as saving the school girls,and villain intro as merciless terrorist,but all are just wasted after that except hero,you will feel this definetely.

The dialogues are also usual about the patriotism,nothing new and not much convincing.

What's not there in this movie?.

Firstly,we can guess the story is usual one from the trailer itself.though this is a routine terrorist movie,the length is also too long.

The forceful addition of romance comedies in fight scenes seems to be old and also a irritating one mainly Adah Sharma comedies,it is a worst part of the movie.

Compare to hero Role villain role is not much strong we can feel it, right from the starting.

The climax is just laughable one,not much digestable to watch.

Many of the scenes are usual,there is nothing new to feel goosebump except action and background scores

Fight scenes of female leads not much sinking in the climax mainly Adah sharma,totally ruined the climax fights.

Star performance:

It fits to Vidyut Jammwal.

Because he only lifts the whole movie on his shoulder by his brilliant action sequence and acting.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is usual like,villain was a powerful terrorist,his longtime wish was to destroy india,so he planned some bomb blasts by deploying some indian youngsters by his words.

After that we know what will happen,hero made his action intro and started investigation from the arrested suspects.

He also presummed villain place was in london,so he also went to that,after that the movie goes with usual scenes like arresting the villain and stopping the bomb blasts.


Routine story with weak villain role,if you have time to spare,watch Baaghi 3,that is more good than this.

----------------------------(     Rating: 2.75/5   )----------------

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