Vanmurai (2020) movie review.

Vanmurai (2020) movie review.

Cast: R.K. Suresh,Akshatha Sreedhar Shastry,

Neha Saxena,Vinoth Kishan,Kiran Raj,Charmila,

Vigil Varghese.

Director: Manjith Divakar.

Cinematography: Ayyappan.N

Music director: Sunny Viswanath.

Release date: 31 January 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 5mins.

Genere: Drama,Action.

What's there in this movie?.

This is simple investigation journey about the rape victims of one girl who came to chennai for abortion from kerala.

Though the story narrative is nonlinear one, that revolves between present and past in the starting, the story is not much engaging one.

This is the bilingual film that  made in malayalam also as Cochin Shadhi at chennai 03,but not a worth interesting story to watch.

Vinothe kishan like Naan mahaan alla movie played a villain role as rapist with his friends.

R.K. Suresh played a hero role as police cop and it fits to him not much but ok.

The songs are average and back ground is good.

What's not there in this movie?.

A cliche ridden script or screen play and familiar narrative about the women rape case investigation journal we have watched many times.

There are many opinionated dialogues about the recent rape cases and child abuse cases that we have watched and heard in many recent movies,nothing new.

The investigation is also a simple one without much deep,we can guess easily.

As usual predictable climax,i think there is no other choice for better climax.

Star performance:

It fits to Hero R.K. Suresh.

Because Though the story is simple and familiar one,it is made little bit interested by Hero R.K.Suresh.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is simple and predictable one like one girl from kerala came to chennai for abortion.

She was raped and abused by one auto driver and his friends.After that how hero a police finded out the villain and his friends.

Inbetween these scenes there is flashback of heroine and the reason for the abortion all these scenes are going.


Simple and familiar rape victim investigation journal script,if you have lot of time to spare watch this one also.

--------------------(      Rating: 3/5.     )--------------------------

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