Savaari (2020) movie review.

Savaari (2020) movie review.

Cast: Srikanth Reddy Ganta,Shiva Kumar,Nandu,

Priyanka Sharma.

Director: Saahith Mothkuri.

Language: Telugu.

Cinematography: Moonish Bhoopathiraju.

Music director: Sekhar Chandra.

Release date: 7 February 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 20mins.

Genere: Drama,Romance.

What's there in this movie?

The fragmented narrative directed by debut director Saahith Mothkuri.

The best thing of this movie Actor Nandhu his acting as innocent horse man is really good and enjoyable eventhough its his debut film.

Other best of this movie is songs and background score mainly that gun shot bgm it enhanced the effect of comedy scenes and made it as entertaining one.

Priyanka Sharma is known for her debut Tharuvatha Evaru (2018).In this she done a great to her role as Bhagi.

First half is really nice and interesting though the story revolves in small circle.

The slow mo shots in the starting and the voice over of the horse in the starting a marvellous one and the story potraying is also different.

This film is full of humorous moments mainly that villain intro scenes  and gets extremely dramatic in the second half and bored us in the climax,but not much ,it is ok to watch.

What's not there in this movie?.

The screen play in first half is very moving and enjoyable after that it takes down because of many emotional scenes and dialogues but it is hided after that by villain and his gang's funny bits.

The climax is also a predictable one,its not a problem but it takes its own time to convey and judged the patience of audience.

Star performance:

It fits to Nandhu and Priyanka Sharma.

Mainly Nandhu because eventhough he is a new comer showed his experienced acting in this film.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is,hero was a normal horse hire for wedding functions.he has been in love with heroine for two years but she won't even seen him.

Her parents decided to marry her to 55 years old man because of his dowry.In the mean time of her marriage she escaped from that place by the horse of that marriage function.

This time only she met hero but she refused his proposal also,because of his low class status.

After that they were friends and heroine also impressed by hero for his bond to that horse.

Heroine's ex-boy friend got so much of angry at hero and offered 1 crores for kidnapping him.

After that how hero escaped from that and how hero married heroine,this is the story line of this movie.


An impressive debut by Saahith Mothkuri and watch this without any expectations,a audience pleaser one.

------------------- (    Rating:  3.25/5  ) ------------------------