Sathyam Paranja Viswasikuvo (2019) movie review.

Sathyam paranja viswasikuvo (2019) movie review.

Cast: Biju menon,Samvrutha Sunil,Jaffer Idukki,

Sruthy Jayan,Sudhi koppa,Saiju Kurup,Alencier

Ley Lopez,Bhagath Baby Manuel,Srikanth

Murali,Dinesh Nair,Rajan Pootharakkal,Vettukili


Director: G. Prajith

Language: Malayalam.

Cinematography: Shehnad Jalal.

Music director: Bijibal,Shaan Rahman,


Release date: 2 August 2019.

Running time: 2hrs 9mins.

Genere: Drama,comedy.

What's there in this movie?.

The is fully a family dramatic film with addition some funny bits and it is directed by G.Prajith made his debut in Oru vadakkan Selfie (2015).

The  first half travel is in hero's ordinary life and second is the main content of the story like, how hero hid his wine bottles with friends that he got from truck accident and how he escaped the murder that he never committed

Biju menon acting is good in the starting but in the climax it is best.As usual Jaffer idukki done a small comedian role in the starting but it is ok to watch.

Saiju Kurup and Vettukili Prakash played more like a little villlain role but it got wasted in the end it good to watch in the scenes.

The songs are average and the back ground is also like that.cinematography is above average.

The screen play is slow in the starting mainly in first half but in second half it takes off.

The best thing of this movie is melodramatic climax and the acting and expressions of Biju Menon mainly in the ending.

What's not there in this movie?.

The whole movie is slow because the plot is like that a dramatic movie,there are few unnecessary scenes.

Star performance:

It fits to Biju menon and Samvrutha Sunil.

Biju menon and Samvrutha Sunil combo was nice and they fervently performed.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero was a daily worker as a mason in building construction and also a reek drunker of alcohol.

Because of his drinking problem he wasted all of his money in drinks and bought many loans and borrowed money from their neighbour and they always insulted him for that

On the way of think about loans and debt he looks at the overturned truck with full of wine bottles.

So hero looted all that with his friend and they dumped all the sacks with full of bottles under the river and decided to sell all the bottles when  the problem is over.

There is also a another problem to hero because one who lent the money to hero was missing for three days and some guys filed a case against hero for the murder of that lady who lent money.

After that how hero escaped from that case and how hero got wine bottles that dumped in river,this is the story line of this movie.


It is one watchable movie for its second half and only watch this film if you have plenty of time to invest.

----------------------(     Rating: 3.25/5.    )---------------------