Raju Gari Kidnap (2020) movie review.

Raju Gari Kidnap (2020) movie review.

Cast: Harika Varma Chekuri,

Amardeep Chowdary, Santosh Devarakonda,

Nikhil Jogi, Vineetha Karira, Yogi Khatri,

Srikanth Parakala, Shilpa Reddy,

 Thummala Narsimah Reddy, Anirudh Sameer,

Satish Saripalli, Pavan Siddhu, Pappu Srinivas,

Sms Suresh, Prakash Tamma.

Director: Anu Prasad.

Language: Telugu.

Cinematography: Alladi Pranav Chandra.

Music director: Shravan Bharadwaj,

Harshavardhan Rameshwar.

Release date: 5 April 2020.

Running time: 1hrs 27mins

Genere: comedy, Crime.

What's there in this movie?.

The movie starts with the usual aspiring director story who in search of producers.

The best part of this movie is hero kidnapping that producer for his story narration scene,though the story starts with usual aspiring director story narration,it is made unique by that scene.

The neatly crafted script without any time for yawning,that unfolds between hero's present story and his written story or fantasy story.

The songs are catchy with backing music.the cinematography is above average with simple and ordinary elements.

The charismatic leads of the movie are Pavan Siddhu and Anirudh Sameer,their acting as a Aravind and Amar is really good and added more to the film.

The tattoo in the hands of hero also enhanced the theme of the movie,that is hero's passion as director.

There is no many comedy or funny bits but it was made interested by the script and non linear narration of the story.

Amardeep Chowdary played a cop role who searching the kidnappers in this movie,but there is also a unexpected twist of him in the climax.

What's not there in this movie?.

The simple story but still have been better,like mainly in that fantasy story of hero that ends without proper climax and made us little longing for that.

The script is good but not much enough for the movie.

Eventhough the songs are good,the performance of the cast is not much engaging mainly Anirudh Sameer.

Star performance:

It fits to hero Pavan Siddhu and Anirudh Sameer.

Though the script is good,it is enhanced by their performance and acting.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is,hero's long time dream was to become a director.so he written a good story also,but none of the producer is ready to produce his story.

For the first time he got  a chance to meet one producer ,but because of his anxiety he was rejected.

So hero decided to kidnap that producer to narrate his story,he also kidnapped him also with the help of his friends.

Producer also impressed by his story and also ready to produce his story in the climax.

In between these scenes the police also in search of the kidnapper who kidnapped that producer.

After that how hero escapped from this police and the movie ends with that.


Very moving screenplay with good execution ,just watch this if you have time.

------------------ (     Rating: 3.25/5   )------------------------

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