Pressure Cooker (2020) movie review.

Pressure Cooker (2020) movie review.

Cast: Sai Ronak, Preethi Asrani,

Rahul Ramakrishna, Tanikella Bharani,

Varma Ravi, Sangeetha, Keshav Deepak,

 C.V.L. Narasimha, Rajai Rowan.

Director: Sujoi Karampuri, Sushil Karampuri.

Language: Telugu.

Cinematography: Nagesh Banell, Anith Madadi.

Music director: Sunil Kashyap,

Harshavardhan Rameshwar, Rahul Sipligunj.

Release date: 21 February 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 4mins.

Genere: Drama, Romance.

What's there in this movie?.

The whole plot of the movie is the whimsical dream of today youngesters to go America for better life.

The main positive of the movie we have to talk is hero Sai Ronak, though he is a new comer,he is the show stealer of this movie by his acting and expressions.

Other positive one of this movie is,it is so close to reality from the starting by adding scenes like how hard to get visa for America.

The fragment narrative of screen play with mixing of comedies and little romance scenes added more to the movie.

Tanikella Bharani played a role as father and filled the movie with lot of emotions.

Rakul Ramakrishna and Keshav Deepak as usual played a supportive and comedian roles and spiced the movie with their funny bits.

The songs are sounds good and the romance scenes between Sai Ronak and Preethi Asrani is decent and okayish to watch.

What's not there in this movie?.

The whole story is predictable and we have watched in many times as side story of many movies like Son left the dad alone in india and lives happily with his family in america,so after we know that his dad will longing for his son's love and family.In this movie its also there but there is also something fresh like how hero recognised his own dream and what he wants other than his father's dream.

Star performance:

It fits to hero Sai Ronak.

Because he only made the movie interesting by his acting,though its a emotional scene or romance scene.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero's father long time dream was to go America as like his relatives for better life.

So he pressured hero from the childhood to pursue his dream to go America.

But Hero visa got rejected each times,i don't why but i think his attitude to go America for his Dad's dream.

So hero decided to work in india until he gets visa,he also gets visa within six months of his previous visa rejection but this time he decided not  to go America because his neighbour uncle died alone in home for the reason of longing for love from his sons and family in America.

After that hero decided to live happily with his family in india,this is the story line of this movie.


An impressive debut by Sai Ronak,one time watchable track family movie with some good messages.

 --------------- (    Rating:  3.25/5 )------------------------

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