Ponmagal Vandhal (2020) movie review.

Ponmagal Vandhal (2020) movie review.

Cast: Jyotika, Parthiban, Bhagyaraj, Vasuki,

Vidya Pradeep, Prathap Pothen,

Vinodhini Vaidynathan, Gajaraj, Pandiarajan,

Akshara Kishor, Subbu Panchu, Thiagarajan,

Crane Manohar, Vetrivel Raja,

Director: J.J. Fredrick.

Language: Tamil.

Cinematography: Ramji.

Music director: Govind Vasantha.

Release date: 29 May 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 3mins.

Genere: Drama, Crime Thriller.

What's there in this movie?.

The best thing of things of this movie are there are many promising well acting cast like Parthiban, Bhagyaraj,Pandiarajan and Prathap Pothen,apartfrom heroine Jyotika.

The strong acting properly executed by good direction and he is also a debut director,but nothing seems like that, a mature direction by
 J.J. Fredrick.

The Screen play is also good and impressing one that made interested by the interlaying twists mainly in the interval.

The climax twist by the parthiban is also a breathtaking and unexpected one and you will feel something good after the twist.

The dialogues are thought provoking and opinionated one that strongly tells about the child abuse  and recent victims.

After a long time seeing the Bhagyaraj and Thiagarajan in the screen is suprising and added more promising to the movie.In this film Thiagarajan played a silent villain role from the starting.

Jyotika,we know that she is a good actress and her movies are different in each times,this movie is also a different and suspenseful one.

Crane Manohar, Subbu Panchu and Gajaraj as usual played some side role and done a decent role in this movie.

The cinematography and songs are above a average one.

What's not there in this movie?.

The main negative of this film,i felt is the climax a rushed one that ends just like a magic by touching a weak point of villain that his respect,it is only a undigestable part of the movie,i think there is no other better choice for proper ending.

There is also a slow pace because of one or two songs and dialogues,but its not a big deal.

There is also some minor loop holes but it is hided by flow of the movie.

Star performance:

It fits to Jyotika and Bhagyaraj.

Mainly to jyotika because of her strong acting,that only made the movie promising to watch from the starting.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is the movie starts with a bang of two gunshot murders and encounter of one psycho killer women who killed many childrens in ooty.

After 15 years,heroine started to reopen that case and by proving that all evidence in that case are fake and framed one.

By knowing this,villain killed one prime and ace evidence of that case.

After that how heroine proved that killed women in encounter is innocent,this is the story line of this movie.

I simply written the story but there many interesting twists and turnings,just go and watch this.


After a long time a good tamil movie with strong acting and gripping plot, just go and watch this,a feel good one.

------------------(     Ratings:  3.5/5   )-----------------------

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