Mrs.Serial Killer (2020) movie review.

Mrs.Serial killer movie review.

Cast:Jacqueline Fernandez,Manoj Bajpayee,

Mohit Raina,Darshan Jariwala,Zayn Marie 


Director:Shirish kunder.


Cinematography:Ravi K.Chandran,Kiran 


Music director:Shirish Kunder.

Release date:1may 2020.

Running time:1hr 46mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The best and main thing of this movie is background score from the starting of  the movie by Shirish Kunder,other than this there is nothing.

What's not there in this movie?.

The story and screen play is too slow and undigestable.

The visuals and camera working is good but it is not that much needed to the scenes especially while kidnapping the zayn Marie khan it has to be simple but they made some garden and too much of slow motion camera works and vfx.

Jacqueline Fernandez and the cast actings are not much enough to watch,except Manoj will definitely feel this acting issue in this movie.

The climax is expected and weak but twist was unwanted in the end card of the movie.

Many illogical scenes that ruined the movie,mainly flashback how hero finded out the villain.

Star performance:

It fits to Manoj Bajpayee because of his acting but the role is not that much ok.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine was a wife of serial killer but she didn't know that.

once police (her exboyfriend) finds out and arrests that killer she misunderstood that her exboyfriend (like he wanted her back).

so she framed some orphan body like how serial killed in previous times and put that body in the same place where the evidence of the killer case collected.So the villain got released from bail.He wants to continue his killings so he went to his hospital without known to heroine but the heroine was followed him silently.

Villain recognised her presence and also tied her in rope.Hero also came to that hospital by the call from the boyfriend of girl who villain took for killing.

After that how hero killed the villain and rescued the heroine,the girl and her boyfriend this is the story line of this movie.


I watched this movie only for it is a netflix's one but it is not worth it.there is lot to improve.