Maska (2020) movie review.

Maska (2020) movie review.

Cast: Prit kamani,Manisha Koirala,Shirley Setia,

Javed Jaffrey,Nikita Dutta,Savi Sidhu,Dhruv

Lohumi,Indresh Malik,Shabnam Vadhera,

Boman Irani,Cyrus Sahukar,Vikrant Singh.

Director: Neeraj Udhwani.

Language: Hindi.

Producer: Doris George,Seher Latif,

Shivani Saran.

Cinematography: Eeshit Narain.

Music director: Ketan Sodha,Mickey McCleary,

Raheja Akshay.

Release date: 30 March 2020.

Running time: 1hr 51mins.

Genere: Drama,Romance.

What's there in this movie?.

The whole plot is difference between dreams and delusions like in this movie hero's delusion was to become a actor.

The person who directed the film is Neeraj Udhwani he is well known for his short films and also for his  script in Amazon's inside edge second season.

The best thing of this movie is Manisha Koirala,her agile acting as a mom is good.

Shirley Setia,Javed Jaffrey and Boman Irani played a very limited role and their impact is also like a limited on the screen.

Shabnam Vadhera as usual played little comedian role as casting director but fails to come up with more.

The cinematography is good,used a simple and ordinary effects but it is enough for this story.the songs and back ground score are average.

What's not there in this movie?.

The story  is good but the potraying of the story is emotinally inadequate and a fails to provoke the thoughts.

There is also some unnecessary scenes and the screen play is also quite slow but it is ok.

There is also few dead man jokes it is also boring to watch and could still have been better with funny bits.

The predictable story from the starting with same predicatble climax.

Star performance:

It fits to Prit Kamani and Manisha Koirala.

Because of their good and agile acting.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is, hero hails from family of one cafe family called Rustom cafe.

Hero's mother's long time wish was her son to take over this cafe legacy after his father.but hero's delusion was to become a actor in bollywood.Hero also decided to sell the cafe and to make the money for his debut film but initially his mom refused that after she also handed over her cafe to her son.

After that how hero understood his difference between his legacy and delusion.this is the story line of this movie.


Predictable story but still could have been better with emotions and comedies.

------------------------(     Rating:  3/5.   )-----------------------