Kavaludaari (2019) movie review.

Kavaludaari (2019) movie review.

Cast: Anant Nag,Suman Ranganath,Achyuth

Kumar,Nakshatra,Avinash,Manish Rishi,Roshni

Prakash,Sampath,Siri Ravikumar,Sidhaartha

Maadhyamika,Samanvita Shetty,

Shrikanth,Aradhya,Gr Pandith.

Director: Hemanth M.Rao

Language: Kanada.

Cinematography: Advaitha Gurumurthy.

Music director: Charan Raj.

Release date: 18 April 2019.

Running time: 2hrs 22mins.

Genere: Crime,thriller.

What's there in this movie?.

The movie starts promising from the beginning itself and it is expertly directed by Hemanth Rao he is wel known for his debut Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu.

The best things of this movie are suspense of the murder from the starting and Anat Nag because he is the ensemble character of this movie after hero.His dialogues and expressions added more to the scenes.

The whole plot concentrates on the searching of one family murderer after 30 years of the victim.

The cinematography is good and the flashback camera shot establishes more realistic to the scenes like 90's and also adds deeper meaning while hero investigates about the case.

The songs underlines the scenes mainly the first it so good in the scenes and the background as usual it more like a thriller movie bgm.

There many unexpected twists about the villain and the screen play is little bit slow.

What's not there in this movie?.

There is also some slow pace, its not a big deal but i am not much satisfied with the climax,it more like a tamil movie Kakki sattai climax like killing the villain while in party convention but there is no other choice, i think.

Star performance:

It fits  to Anant Nag,Manish Rishi.

Anant Nag as usual his performance super and also for arousing curiosity in each scenes about the case.

Manish Rishi acting is good to watch in the scenes.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is Hero was a traffic inspector,his wish was to join in the crime department.

One kid found the bones while playing in the pit that was digged for bridge construction,so all police and forensics finded that it was 30 years old and also the dead end for the case.

But hero  personally  taken that case eventhough the crime branch won't allowed him because one of that bone is belonged to 13 years old child.

He started his investigation from the cop who investigated that missing case of one family.

Firstly that cop did't cooperate to hero but after knowing what happened to that child he shared more info about his previous investigation.

Hero finally finded out that family murdered was one Naidu Family,Naidu was a Archieologist department head he got 80 lakhs worth jewels from excavation at hampi.

After knowing that matter he was killed by his car driver,this is the story line but how hero finded out the villain is the movie.


It is good enough movie.eventhough the climax is not much,it is a good movie from the starting.try not to miss.

-----------------------------(      Rating: 3.75/5.   )-------------