Happy Sardar (2019) movie review.

Happy Sardar (2019) movie review.

Cast: Kalidas Jayaram, Siddique, Javed Jaffrey,

Sreenath Bhasi, Merin Philip, Sharafudheen,

Sinil Sainuddin, Balu Varghese,

 Sebastian Sebootty, Mala Parvathi, Praveena,

Siddhi Mahajankatti, Dinesh Mohan,

Vijilesh Karayad, Anoop Chandran, Baiju,

Resmi Anil, Sajan Palluruthy, Sibi Thomas,

 Sinoj Varghese, Sajid Yahiya.

Director: Sudip Joshy, Geethika Sudip.

Language: Malayalam.

Cinematography: Abinandhan Ramanujam.

Music director: Gopi Sundar.

Release date: 28 November 2019.

Running time: 2hrs 31mins.

Genere: comedy, Romance.

What's there in this movie?.

The best thing of this movie is one or two songs and few funny bits by each cast in some times.

Kalidas Jayaram played a punjabi Singh role,it lightly fits but there is also a missing of acting of him in few scenes.

After hero the whole screen time is occupied by Siddique,yes he is a fine actor,in this he done a good role as a Dad of four daughters in this each one married to different communities like hindu,muslim.

The twist of Baiju is unexpected and feel good one.

Sharafudheen played a light and entertaining role as kaaku.

The best part of the movie is that hotel fight scene,it really good and goosebump one but not much,ok.

Javed Jaffrey and Sreenath Bhasi roles are good and enjoyable,mainly in the starting.

What's not there in this movie?.

Firstly the whole movie slow and drag with tiresome scenes and comedies, just like Bubble gum.

The main worst think of this movie ,i noticed in the starting is the sets of punjab is not at all fits and undigestable,it is more like a kerala, and the costumes of the cast is not much undigestable as punjabis mainly like Praveena.

The acting of the cast is also missing in some scenes mainly hero Kalidas Jayaram.

The film gets extremely dramatic in some scenes and bored us.

The length of the film is also high as 2hrs 31mins,it should have been better crafted.

Star performance:

It fits to Kalidas Jayaram and Siddique.

They only made this movie little entertaining one by their funny bits and acting,but not much.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine was a last daughter for her father.Her sisters are married to different communities other othan christianity by love marriage.

So her father's wish is to marry a heroine to one catholic christian boy,but heroine loved hero,he was a Sikh.

After that how they joined this is the story line of this movie.

Inbetween this scenes there is a problems like hero's father wanted his daughter in law to be sikh and there is also other problems like hero's one mallu friend eloped with one sikh girl to kerala along with hero and heroine,so their father's are searching them for honour killing.

After that how they solved this problems this is the main theme of this movie.


Average movie,but still have been better. Watch this,if you have time to spare.

------------------(     Rating:  3/5   )-------------------------

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