Collision earth (2020) movie review.

Collision earth (2020) movie review:

Cast: Kate Watson,Joseph Michael Harris,Daniel

O Reilly,Becca Buckalew,Eric Roberts,John

Morrisey,Joe Roche,Joe Filippone,Lanett Tachel,

Shellie Sterling,Mark Schaefer,Lauren pritchard,

Ben stobber,

Director: Matthew Boda.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Noah luke.

Music director: Eliza Swenson.

Release date: 28 April 2020.

Running time: 1hr 24mins.

Genere: Sci-Fi.

What's there in this movie?.

This is one of the sci-fi film that revolves around the content of incoming asteroid to earth,Other than this sci-fi script there is nothing at all.

What's not there in this movie?.

The undigestable part of this film is visuals or VfX,now a days even the webseries at all better with visual,but this movie take us to power rangers era especially that meteorite falling scenes you will definetely laugh for that scenes.

The cinematography is good at only one scene like focussing on america white house and marine armies other than that scenes there is nothing poor cinematography, the made the movie irritating one.

The worst thing of this movie is acting,the acting and the expressions of the cast are bad as hell.Even the sideactors like Lanett Tachel are better in acting compare to main actors in this movie.

They think we are dumb,because heroine used one virtual camera to get the formula of that asteroid and i don't know what's the connection between asteroid and virtual camera.

I think low budget sci fi films will be like this poor logicless movie with poor visual.

Star performance:

It fits to Kate Watson,her acting is also not that much level to talk but it is digestable compare to others in the movie.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine and her friends were working in agency called pentagon.they founded out the incoming asteroid to earth but it is hided by clouds in the atmosphere and small meteoroids.Firstly US governments not accepts that,but because of the starting of the destruction in all over the world they accept and helps the heroine team to destroy that and the movie goes like that.


This totally useless movie with poor visuals.i think there is no need to watch this movie.

-------------------------   Rating: 2.75/5.    ----------------------