Chennai Palani Mars (2019) movie review.

Chennai Palani Mars (2019) movie review.

Cast: Praveen Raja,Rajesh Giriprasad,Vasant

Marimuthu,A.Ravikumar,Madhan Kumar

Dhakshinamoorthy,Pari Ezhavalagan,

R.Krishnamoorthy,Imthiyas Mohammed,Vin

Haadri,Allwin Ramaiah

Director: Biju Vishwanath

Language: Tamil.

Cinematography: Biju Vishwanath.

Music director: Niranjan Babu.

Release date: 26 July 2019.

Running time: 1hr 59mins

Genere: Comedy,Drama.

What's there in this movie?.

Firstly, the content is fresh and new,the plot fully focuses on the mars mission that had to be travelled on by human mind.

The best thing of this movie is dialogue because it only convince the audience to watch eventhough the content is illogical.

Praveen Raja and Rajesh Giriprasad combo was super and added more psych feel to the scenes.

Pari Ezhavalagan as a suicide guy from the starting is super and mainly in the climax.

The funny bits of that police and constable are good and enjoyable.

Other good one of this movie is camera work mainly the close up shots that more intimately reveals the characters emotion and situation.

The songs are above average but the Rajesh Giriprasad singing songs are more good and funny in the scenes.

The cinematography is good but the yellow lightening in the scenes not that much enhance the scenes.

The climax was a very good end to the movie and the police combo added more to the climax.

What's not there in this movie?.

The whole movie is not suitable for common audience who watched many commercial movies,it is psych oriented movie with full of illogical scenes from the starting.

And  the lightening is poor that ruined the scenes.

The climax space vfx editing is also not much realistic and some slow moving scenes is also there from the starting.

Star performance:

It fits to Praveen Raja because of his acting as a drug addictive guy and also for adding lots to the scenes by his expressions.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero's father's longtime wish was travel to mars by his mind.he always kept saying human mind is faster than light to the hero.hero also believed in that illogical concept.

Once hero solved the father's that concept equation he felt happy and gave the treat to his friend called Anand.

Anand because of the hero and his father concept illogical he humiliated both of hero killed anand.

Within 14 days mars comes near to earth at palani he calculated  that place in his solved equation.

So he went to palani with roomate in drug deaddiction center and the police is also followed them for the murder case of Anand.

After that how they travelled to mars or not?this is the story line of this movie.


This is one time watchable for its fresh and new attempt,this is for those who are fond of watching illogical movie with  some good comedy scenes.

For others you will feel wasted after watching the movie.

----------------------- (            Rating: 3.25/5       )---------