Amrutha ramam (2020) movie review.

Amrutha ramam (2020) movie review.

Cast:Ali gul khan,Ram mittakanti,Amita 


Director:Surendar kontaddi


Cinematography:Santhosh Shanamoni.

Music director:NS prasu.

Release date:29 April 2020.

Running time:1hr 55mins


What's there in this movie?.

The whole fully story describes what if the girl mad at her lover.

It is one of south indian film fully describes mainly on women role.

Cinematography is good  that describes many scenes of australia and the songs are sounds good.

Amazing background score made the scenes loveble.

Unexpected climax  and good to watch but you will realise that what will happen next within 3sec of the climax,it is seen in many movies also ,just like hero gives his heart to heroine while she is going to dead but in this different like heroine gave her heart to hero.

What's not there in this movie?.

Firstly, The movie is slow because it is a love story and There are many unnecessary repetative scenes that will judege the patience of the audience.

There 2 to 3 songs within the 45mins of the movie that slows down the flow of movie.

Heroine was over acting in many scenes from the starting of the movie.

The screen play is too slow it should have been better.

Star performance:

Since there are many over acting scenes Heroine Amrita ranganath is a show stealer of this movie.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine was mad at the hero and they loved each other.heroine because of her madness in her love always got jealous about the other girls who talked to hero and there was problem because of that.hero break up his love but heroine won't gave up her love.After the advice of heroine's brother hero finally wants to meet heroine after many days.On the way to the heroine's home hero met with accident and in search of heart transplant because his vitals are not normal.After that we will know the climax what will happen next.


Slow screen play that  slowed  the whole movie if you have patience to watch just go and watch this.