Walter (2020) movie review.

Walter movie review.

Cast: Sibiraj,Sanam Shetty,Shirin Kanchwala,

Samuthirakani,Natarajan Subramaniam,

Abhishek Vinod,Charlie.



Cinematography:Dinesh Krishnan.

Music director:Dharma Prakash.

Release date:13 March 2020.

Running time:2hrs 5mins.

Genere:Crime thriller,Drama.

What's there in this movie?.

The best thing of this movie is Script or content and cinematography.

What's not there in this movie?.

The screen play is too slow and they forcefully added some masala scenes and songs,it irritating the flow of the  story.

There is no importance for side actors just they come and go without any reason except Charlie,he did a strong acting in this movie.

The first half is nice and engaging but it is ruined in second half because of love songs and masala scenes.

Star performance:

It fits to Sibiraj,Charlie and Natarajan Subramaniam because of their acting and importance of their role in this movie.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is villain was aged MLA is in need of Bombay blood group(he is a bombay blood patient)because he is affected by polycythemia,so he abduct the new born babies with bombay blood group and take the blood from them.After hero taken the case of missing babies and they died after the rescue how hero will Solve the case against the villain as a MLA  this is the story line of this movie.


The content of this movie is good but the screen play and love scenes made it still have been better.