Shikara movie review

Shikara movie review.

Cast:Aadil khan,Sadia,Zain khan Durrani,

Sharman joshi,Priyanshu chatterjee,Mushtaq 

Kak,Faisal simon,Zamir Ashai.

Director:Vidhu vinod chopra.


Cinematography:Rangarajan Ramabadran.

Music director:Sandhesh Shandilya,Abhay 

sopori,Rohit kulkarni.--Score: A.R.Rahman,


Release date:7 february 2020.

Running time:1hr 59mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The good movie with so much of negative reviews.

The best thing of this movie is dialogues that takes back to that time kashmir.

There are many heart warming scenes that will melt our heart especially the second half and climax.

The casting is super  and the songs are also good.

What's not there in this movie?.

The costumes and locations are not that much digestable to that time kashmir.

The story evolves around only light part of what happened in that time it does not fully figure out that.

Star performance.

It fits to hero  Aadil khan and sadia because of their acting in many heart warming scenes.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero and heroine was a refuges for past 30 years from kashmir because of that pakishtani muslims.hero didn't take any job offers because he love to teach that camp boys.once heroine was affected by some brain disease hero wants to fulfill her last wish like visiting Taj mahal and burrying her ash in own land.

So hero sell their home in kashmir and taken the heroine to Taj mahal.After the heroine dead he burry the ash in her ancestral home.this is the story line of this movie.


This is a neatly crafted movie with strong acting.