Rajavukku check movie review.

Rajavukku check movie review.

Cast:Cheran,Srushti dange,Sarayu,Irfan 

mohamed,Nandana Varma.

Director:S Rajkumar.

Music director:Vinod yajamanya.


Release date:24 january 2020.

Running time:2hrs 1mins.


What's there in this film?.

The best thing of this movie is cheran sir.

The movie starts only after the second half, second half only interesting to watch.

What's not there in this film?

First half full of slow pace because introduction of characters and songs.

Star performance:

It fits only cheran sir because his acting as a father and investigational cop was super.

Story line:

The main story line of this movie is hero was cop with sleeping syndrome.four criminals wants to ruin his life so they kidnapped his daughter to rape because he imprisoned them for 1 year for abusing girls.hero was confined to watch the live on tv what's happenning to his daughter by that criminals and how hero rescue his daughter was the story line of this movie.


This film is one time watchable for cheran sir and work of this smal team.but could still have been better.