Pati patni aur woh movie review.

Pati patni aur woh movie review.

Cast:Karthick Aaryan,Ananya panday,Bhumi 

pednekar,Aparshakthi khurana,Manu rishi,

Rajesh sharma.

Director:Mudassar aziz.

Music director:Tanishk bagchi,Tony Kakkar,

Sachet parampara,John stewart,Rochak kohli.

Release date:6 december 2019.

Running time:2hrs 5mins.


➢what's there in this movie?

  • The main thing that made the interesting is comedy scenes between Karthik aaryan and Aparshakthi khurana.
  • The songs realy super and sounds good.

➢what's not there in this film?

  • Compare to Karthick Aaryan previous movie this movie made us little boring because of its lag in story and comedy scenes.
➢star performance.

  • Karthick aaryan and Ananya panday combo was super.
  • Aparshakthi khurana comedy scenes added some taste to this film but it is less in number.
Story line:

  • The story line of this film is hero was bored of his life by thinking about his future and wife'wish to live in delhi,so he like to spend time with  her new girlfriend but she had fallen love with him he also liked her not much as his wife.
  • once his wife knows that matter tries to make her husband to know what's mistake he done and the movie goes like that.


  • This movie is one time watchable.