Pathaam Classile prayanam (2019) movie review.

Pathaam classile prayanam movie review.

Cast:Arya Devi,Charmila,Manoj Guiness,

Jayan Cherthala,Kalabhavan Haneef,Pradeep 

kottayam,Lishoy,Kannan Santhosh.Mustafa 

Lion,Vaishav Menon,Kiran Raj,Naseer 

Sankranthy,Sunil Sukhada,

Director:Nitiheesh K Nair.


Cinematography:Renjith Shiva.

Music director:Raghupathy S Narayanan.

Release date:6 December 2019.

Running time:2hrs.


What's there in this movie?.

The all the things about this movie is average like average cinematography,average music and songs.

This is the usual old school love story like tamil sattai movie with few alterations.

What's not there in this movie?.

The overrated movie on imdb like 8.2 rating,this is the ususl boring school love story with few tiresome jokes.

The movie starts only in the second half but it is does not has any new content to entertain except few alterations in the climax.

The acting of the cast is not that much enough to engage.

The screenplay is not much interesting to watch the movie, made it worthless.

The casting is below average especially heroine because the romance scenes are not much digestable.

Star performance:

It fits to kannan santhosh because of his average acting as a school student.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero was a 10th school student,he is in love with his fellow classmate.there is also another guy loves that same girl in class and competition going in between this guys.there is also another girl loves a hero but hero won't cares her love,so that girl played a drama like hero raped her.After that how hero and heroine join together this is the story line of this movie.


Boring usual story but lots to improve because the love story is not much enough.