Parava movie review.

Parava movie review.

Cast:Dulquer salman,Soubin shahir,Shane 

Nigam,Amal shah,Govind V pai,Jacob gregory,

Srinda Arhaan,Sreenath bhasi,Siddique,Zinil,

Arjun Ashokan,Indrans,Shine Tom chacko,

Aashiq abu,Jaffer Idukki,Anagha,Len prasad,

Unnimaya prasad.

Director:Soubin shahir.


Cinematography:Littil swayamp.

Music director:Rex vijayan,Neha nair.

Release date:21 september 2017.

Running time:2hrs 26mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The best thing of this movie is the child artist and Dulquer salman they only made the movie interesting and engaging.

It reflects the normal of  life of characters in the movies.

There is no hero or heroine all the characters are important this made this movie best.

The cinematography is best.songs and music are average.

You will definitely feel distruped in the middle of the movie because of Dulquer salman.

What's not there in this movie?.

This is a neatly crafted movie.there is no lag or slow downs in the movie.

Star performance:

It fits to Amal shah,Govind v pai,Dulquer salman and Shane Nigam because their acting and expression made them memorable.

Story line:

I wont tell the story line just go and watch.


Malayalam industry again proves that no one can beat them.this is best movie go and watch.