O pitta katha movie review.

O Pitta katha movie review.

Cast:Viswant duddumpudi,Nithya shetty,

Brahmaji,Balaraju,Srinivas bhogireddy,

Bhadradri,Ramana challapalli,Sirisri,Surya.

Director:Chandu muddu.

Cinematography:Sunil kumar.N

Music director:Pravin lakkaraju.

Release date:6 March 2020.

Running time:2hrs 7mins.


What's there in this movie?.

There many thrilling and fun twists in this movie that made it interesting.

You can't imagine what will happen after every scenes in this movie.

The songs are also good in this movie by Pravin lakkaraju.

What's not there in this movie?.

There is some logic mistakes in this movie especially that police he can't find heroine killing  video is original or not.there is watermark of creater also in that video.the police is that much dumb guy.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine gone missing for three days,so her father gives a missing case to police.police starts to investigate firstly from her lover and then cousin.these two are the culprits in these case.After that how police will rescue the heroine this is the story line of this movie.


I simply written the story line but there are so many twists and comedies just go and watch this film.it is good enough.