Love moctail movie review.

Love moctail movie review.
Cast:Krishna nagappa,Milana nagaraj,

Amrutha iyengar.

Director:Krishna nagappa.

Release date:31 january 2020.

Running time:2hrs 24mins.

Cinematography:Sri crazy mindz.

Music director:Raghu dixit.


What's there?.

  • The main think that made this film interesting is first love scenes and comedies.

  • Cinematography was super in this film for example that intro scene which covers the whole areas  of which the car travels and the bgm add the some recipe to this.

  • Dialogues was super in this film like hero asked his lovers to speak in kanada while proposing her.

What's not there?.

  •   Songs made little boring.

 Star performance:

This thing fits only to hero because his acting in love ,comedy and action scenes also super and fits to him.

Story line:

  • Hero  meets a girl accidently while  saving from some rowdies.

  • she is like to love him and asks his personal informations and love stories, so hero tells his childhood love stories and college love stories and the movie goes like that.


If you are fond of watching love films just go and watch this.this movie just super.