Little women (2019) movie review.

Little women movie review.

Cast:Saoirse ronan,Florence pugh,Emma 

watson,Laura dern,Eliza scanlen,Meryl 

streep,louis garrel,Bob odenkrik,James 

nortan,Chris cooper,Tracy letts,Jayne 

Houdyshell,Maryann plunkett,Mason alban,

Rafael silva,Edward fletcher,

Director:Greta gerwig.

Cinematography:Yorick le saux.

Music director:Alexandre des

Release date:7 december 2019.

Running time:2hrs 14mins.


What's there in this movie?.

First of all this movie is based upon the novel little women by Louisa May alcot.

The best thing of this movie is screen play  and cinematogrphy , it only engaging the audience from boring because it is a romance,drama journal movie.

first 30 minutes we can't understand what's  is the story of the movie.

What's not there in this movie?.

The movie goes slowly from the starting to end and little bit boring.but the screenplay made it to interesting by making unrelevant scenes that will connect at last.

Star performance.

It fit only to Saoirse ronan because of her acting as a responsive sister and daughter.

Story line.

The story line of this movie is heroine was a writter in New york.she had three was good at painting she is going to marry the one, heroine rejected because she wanted to live freely and alone.other one married a tutor he don't have any worthful job.other one is bedridden due to sick.
Heroine and two sisters come to home to see the third sister who is bedridden.After that how heroine and two sisters (one will dead)will live together and who is going to marry heroine?.this is the story line of this movie.


If u want to see the movie for screen play just go and watch this movie,how it goes?.