India vs england movie review.

India vs england movie review.

Cast:Manvitha kamath,Vasishta simha,

Prakash belawadi, Sadhu kokila,

Lex lamprey,Michael austin.

Director:Nagathihalli chandrasekhar.

Cinematography:will price,Satya hedge,Av 

krishna kumar.

Music director:Arjun janya.

Release date:24 january 2020.

Running time:2hrs 24mins.


What's there in this movie?.

This is the movie with mixing of little bit of romance ,thriller and patriotism.

The cinematography was super that exactly captures many historical places of india and UK.  it  relooks the history in today's perspective.

What's not there in this movie?.

There so much addition some patriotic dialogues that slows down the flow of movie.

There is unnecesarry addition of some songs.

The climax is also not that much digestable.(hero's fight in boat scenes)

Star performance.

Its fits to Vasishta simha because of his acting as british indian guy.

Story line.

The main story line of this movie is the reowning of one blue diamond from england to india with some blend of songs,romance and patriotic dialogues.


This movie is one time watchable,because of its story line.