Hit the first case (2020) movie review.

Hit movie review.

Cast:Vishwak sen,Ruhani sharma,Murli 

sharma,Bhanu chander,Chaitanya 

sagiraju,Naveena reddy,Ravi 


Director:Sailesh kolanu.

Music director:Vivek sagar.

Release date:20 february 2020.

Running time:2hrs 8mins.


➢what's there in this movie?

  • From th starting onwards,Best thing that made the movie interesting is hero's investigation skills.

  • The main thing we noticed is just like v1 murder case movie, hero has a some mental stress and affraid of fire,in that movie hero also has like that mental stress and fear of dark for lost his loved one.

➢What's not there in this film?.

  • Because of this a thriller genere movie there is no songs.

➢Star performance:

  • This fits to the vishwak sen because he is a hero we know that, it also fits to another one Chaitanya sagiraju because of his innocent voice and expression but there is a twist.

Story line:

  • The story line of this film is hero was a cop he starts to investigates some missing girl case and then he finds that the same culprit kidnapped his girlfriend also, so tries to find his girlfriend and solve this missing case and the goes like that.

  • I have written only the plot this story because i dont need to break the twist.


  • Best thriller and investigation journal story just go watch.