Hacked movie review.

Hacked movie review.

Cast:Hina kham,Rohan shah,Mohit malhotra,

Sid makkar,Tanvi thakkar,Komal chchabria,

Sanjay Gurbaxani.

Director:Vikram bhatt.

Cinematography:prakash kutty.

Music  director:Arko,jeet gannguli,Chirantan

bhatt,Sunny and inder bawra,Amjad Nadeem 


Release date:7 february 2020.

Running time:1hr 53mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The best thing of this movie is hacking scenes.

Music also super and nice hear.

What's not there in this movie?.

The best thing of this movie is hacking scenes but it is also over exagrated in some scenes like hacking MNC,Police datas.

It is like a hindi serial and it is also half baked hacking movie.

Star performance.

It is fits only to Rohan shah because he is a show stealer in this film for his acting and expression.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero was a hacker.he is in love with next apartment women but she loves an actor and he is also loves him.

So hero hacked her mobile phone and blackmailed her to marry but she is refused.After that how she will escape from hero this is the story line of this movie.


There is lot to improve.if have no reason to watch this movie,just watch for Rohan shah for his acting.