Gauthamante Radham movie review.

Gauthamante Radham movie review.

Cast:Neeraj Madhav,Devi Ajith,Valsala Menon,

Renji panicker,Basil Joseph,Punya Elizabeth.

Director:Anand Menon.


Cinematography:Vishnu Sharma.

Music director:Ankit Menon.

Release date:31 January 2020.

Running time:2hrs 6mins.


What's there in this movie?.

This is one of the good family movie but the concept is different like by folding  the emotions towards the automobiles.

The best things of this movie is last 45mins,acting of the cast is really good in the sentimental scenes in the last, especially Renji panicker expressions while seeing the car after a long time its just excellent.

This movie nicely potrayed our sentimental attachment towards the automobiles like first car,first bike.

The cinematography is really good in rameshvaram scenes especially the angles of the camera while travelling in the mountains.

The songs are also sounds good.note:uyire song.

Finally you will after watched  this movie ,the whole movie is a free advertisement for nano car.

What's there in this movie?.

The first half is very dry with lot of unnecessary scenes and boring jokes,the best thing of this movie is last 45mins.

The screen play should have been better to make the movie interesting.

It also should have been neatly crafted because we don't have that much patience to watch the first is very dry except few scenes.

Star performance:

It fits to Neeraj Madhav,Valsala Menon and Renji panicker their acting is super.

Valsala menon acting is super and heart melting especially in rameshvaram scenes.

Renji panicker is performed a good role in this movie.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero was fond of driving a car from his childhood.once hero got a driving licenese the whole family decided to buy a car.hero suggest some honda city model car of worth 10 laksh but his father decided to buy a some small amount car for the first time after the car worn out we can buy a new high budget car firstly hero won't accept his dad's opinion,once dad brought the nano car he don't have anyother choice.Firstly Hero decided to worn out a car by is friends advice After knowing his sentimental attachment towards that car he decided to keep up.when hero got a job in mumbai he sold the car to some car agency,they sold it to some briyani shop.After that how hero regains his car and the story ends like that.


The concept of the movie is simple with lots of heart warming scenes in the last 45mins.

This is a just above average,if you have  time just watch this.