Galtha movie review.

Galtha movie review.

Cast:Appukutty,Divya elumalai,Gajaraj,Ayraa 

jain,Smt Karunanidhi,Sasi kumar,Siva 

Nishanth,Raja Rajasimmah,Antony sagayaraj,

Tiger thangaraj,Muthu veera.

Director:Hari uthra.



Music director:K Jai krish.

Release date:28 february 2020.

Running time:1hr 48mins


What's there in this movie?.

The story is usual tamil movie story like dumping wastes in tamil nadu villages.

The actors casting is above average and the bgm is also super.

The best thing of this movie is endcard scenes only.

What's not there in this movie?.

The first half is only travelling in the content of the movie but second half goes in another path.

main actors acting are good but side actors acting not that much enough.

Playing the same bgm in love scenes and sentimental scenes are irritating.

The heroine is unnecessary for this movie,she disturpts a flow of movie in the first and second half.

There is also a forcefull addition of songs in the ending of the movie example that galtha song.

Finally you will definetely feel there is subramaniya puram inspiration in climax of this movie.

Star performance.

It fits to the hero and guna character because of their acting.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is villain (councillor) and their gang dump the medical wastes in their own village by bought the money from hero,his friends and brother fought against this issue.After that how they will solve this issue this is the story line of this movie?.


This is the usual story or content of this tamil cinema.there is lot to improve.