Fantasy island movie review.

Fantasy island movie review.

Cast:Lucy Hale,Michael pina,Maggie Q,Jimmy 

O.Hang,Austin Stowell,Portia Doubleday,Ryan 

hansen,Michael Rooker,Parisa Fitz Henley,

Charlotte Mckinney,Kim coates,Robbie jones,

Mike Vogel,Evan Evagora.

Director:Jeff Wadlow.


Cinematography:Toby oliver.

Music director:Bear Mccreary.

Release date:6 february 2020.

Running time:1hr 49mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The main theme of this movie is "what you wish you just get it".

The best thing of this movie is horror packed thriller that goes with the flow of fantasy.

The visual and cinematography is too good.

What's not there in this movie?.

There some logic mistakes or unrealistic scenes but it overlapped by visuals and thriller scenes

Star performance:

It fits to Austin Stowell,Lucy hale,Michael pina,Q jimmy O.Hang,Maggie Q,Portia Doubleday,Ryan hansen because of their acting.especially to Michael pina and Q jimmy O hang.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is there 6 peole they come to fantasy island where what they wish comes true.they wanted to have some adventure,but they are trapped fantasy island for some cause (revenge by dead one dead friend called nick).After that how they will escape this is the story line of this movie.


The good movie without any boring or tiresome scenes intersting to watch.