Driving license (2019) movie review.

Driving license movie review.

Cast:Prithviraj sukumaran,Mia george,Suraj 

venjaramoodu,Deepti sati,Salim kumar,

Innocent,Arun,Saiju kurup,Shafique rahiman

Vijayaraghavan,Lalu alex,Suresh krishna,

Nandu,idavela babu.

Director:Jean paul lal.


Cinematography:Alex j.pulickal.

Music director:Yakzan gary pereira,

Neha nair.

Release date:20 december 2019.

Running time:2hrs 13mins.


What's there in this movie?.

Bestly designed movie with lots of emotional scenes in the climax.

The story is simple but strong acting by Prithviraj and suraj venjaramoodu and cinematography made it great visual treat.

The tranformation of Suraj venjaramoodu from comedian to emotional actor was amazing.

What's not there in this movie?

First half is slow and not engaging that much the movie starts after that .Second half is compensating the first half expectation.

Star performance:

It fits only to Suraj Venjaramoodu because of his acting and expression exspecially in climax scene.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is hero  was a super star.he is in need of driving license(went missing) to finish his movie climax shooting.so he applied for it to the driving inspector, a fan of him.there is lot of misunderstanding lead to major problems.After that how they will join together this is the story line of this movie.


Simple story but neatly crafted.just go and watch.