Disco Raja movie review.

Disco raja movie review.

Cast:Ravi teja,Nabha natesh,Tanya hope,

Payal Rajput,Bobby simha,Rajsekhar aningi,

vennela kishore,Naresh,Bharath reddy,


Director:Vi Anand.

Music director:S thaman.

Cinatography:Karthik gattamneni.

Release date:24 january 2020.

Running date:2hrs 28mins.

What's there in this film?.

  • The best thing is music and bgm it made the fight scenes good.

  • The second half only engaging the audience because of Ravi teja and his comedy scenes.
What's not there in this movie?.

  • The main thing is story the first half of the story is not that much engaging.
  • Like other telugu movie,the fight scenes are little bit over action.
  • There are many logic mistakes and unbelievable storylines in this movie.
Star performance:

  • This fits only to Ravi teja because his acting as  disco raja.
Story line:

  • Hero killed by villain 35 years ago in ladakh ice areas. 
  • After 35 years hero was revived by some scientists, so hero and his son wants to kill the enemy and the movie goes like that.


  • There are many loopholes.this movie is could still have been better.