Bunker (2020) movie review.

Bunker movie review.

Cast:Abhijeet singh,Arindita kalita,Arnav 

timsina,Devavrata rosana.

Director:Jugal raja.

Cinematography:S.R. Sathish kumar.

Music director:Kaushal mahavir.

Release date:17 january 2020.

Running time:1hrs 32mins.


What's there in this movie?.

The story is simple and small but it is made interesting by usual like other war movies it is cinematography.

There are many emotinal and patriotic scenes that describes the sadness of the army and army men.

Music and bgm also good.

What's not there in this movie?.

Just i mentioned above the story simple but they added a some emotional scenes in the middle of the movie (marriage scenes) it distrupts the flow of movie.

It is a simple story line with short duration.

Star performance.

It fits only to hero hero Abhijeet singh because he is the show stealer in this movie.

Story line.

The story line of this film is hero was a army men,he and his colleagues injured and dead (except hero) while safeguard place guard the place called buker.he is the only man to save that place from infiltration of enemies.After that how he will safe guard that place with injured eyes this is the story line of this movie.


This is one time watchable war film because of its cinematography and Abhijeet singh acting.