Bala movie review.

Bala movie review.

Cast:Ayushmann khurrana,Bhumi pednekar,

Deepika chikhalia,Yami gautam,Seema 

pahwa,Abhishek bannerji,Manoj pahwa,

Javed jaffrey,Sunita rajwar,Saurabh shukla.

Director:Amar kaushik.

Cinematography:Anuj rakesh dhawan.

Music director:Sachin jigar,Jaani ,B.praak.

Release date:7 November 2019.

Running time: 2hrs 30mins.

What' there in this film?.

  • The main mesgage from this movie is "why we change ourselves for others"

  • This story describes the reality of the youngsters who lost his hairs in younger days.

  • The best thing is hero uses all the methods to grow his hair but it wont come at all.

  • There are very less number of comedy scenes in this film

  • Songs are also good especially last song.

What's not there in this film?

  • The story goes slowly so there is a little bit boring in the middle of the movie and end.

Star performance.

  • Ayushmann khurrana totally changed his acting and expression as a bald guy in this movie.

  • Bhumi pednekar performance also super as dark tonned girl.

Story line:

  • The story line of this film is hero was a bald guy lost his hair in younger days. He tries all the methods to grow his hair and renew his confidence to others.but it is vain.

  • He used a patch hair and loved and married a model of this city without telling his baldness.after knowing that what is happening it is the storyline of this movie.


  • It is a one time watchable movie for Ayushmann khurrana acting as a bald man.