Anveshanam movie review.

Anveshanam movie review.

Cast:Jayasurya,Shruthi ramachandran,Leona 

lishoy,Lena,Vijay babu,Lal,Nandhu,Jai vishnu.

Director:Prasobh vijayan.


Cinematography:Sujith vaassudev.

Music director:Jakes bejoy

Release date:31 january 2020.

Running time:1hr 39mins.

Genere:Drama, thriller.

What's there in this movie?

The best thing of this movie is screen play without this thrilling is not there.

Neatly edited or crafted movie without any unnecessary songs or scenes.

From the starting of the movie the content begins to starts without any introduction.

What's not there in this movie?

The expection is wasted in the last scene of  movie.the build of great clues leads to wasted in the climax.

Star performance.

It fits to Jayasurya,Leona lishoy,Lena because of their acting and expressions.

Story line:

The story line of this movie is heroine beat her son (because of his fight with his sister).he went unconsious so they taken him to hospital.In hospital one nurse called the police because the case seem to be child abuse.son will dead not because of her mom he is dead because of doctor's wrong treatment.But the police investigate this case as child abuse format.after this how the police will findout the real reason for hero's son dead ,this is the story line of this movie.


Not best thriller but good to watch.