Anukunnadi okati ayindi okkati movie review.

Anukunnadi okati ayindi okkati movie review.

Cast:Dhanya balakrishna,Siddhi idnani,

Tridha choudhury,Komalee prasad.

Director:Baalu adusumilli.

Cinematography:Shekar ganganamoni.

Music director:Vikas badija.

Release date:6 march 2020.

Running time:1hrs 58mins.

Genere:comedy(+18), drama,thriller.

What's there in this movie?.

The main theme of this movie is "they planned some, but something else is happened".

The best thing made the movie interesting is comedy scenes and so many twists.

There are four heroines in this movie. Director gave the importance to all the four heroines.

What's not there in this movie?.

The main thing that made the movie worst is they added some comedy scenes in serious situation scenes especially that komalee character.

Star performanace.

This fits all the four heroines Dhanya balakrishna,siddhi idnani,Tridha choudhury,komalee prasad.

Story line.

The main story line of the movie is four girls (heroines) goes to goa and enjoyed everything.

they also booked a one male prostitute who was with her sister (heroine's sister) in same hotel in previous days. 

They wanted to know what's happend to her sister because she gone missing for a week.

they blackmailed him with gun,that guy taken from heroine and pointed them.

one of the heroine killed him by hitting his head by rod.

they disposed that body by throwing it into the dam.

one guy knowing that all the thing happend in that hotel wanted money from heroines by blackmailing them.

after that how they will escape this is the story line of this movie.


This is good movie because for its twists and its comedy scenes.