1917 movie review.

1917 movie review.

Cast:George mackay,Dean-charles chapman,

Richard madden,Benedict cumberbatch,Colin 

ferth,Andrew scott,Mark strong,Claire 

duburcq,Adrian scarborough.

Director:Sam mendes.

Cinematography:Roger deakins.

Music director:Thomas newman.

Release date:17 january 2020.

Running time:1hrs 58mins.

What's there in this film?.

  • The main thing is cinematography it exactly pictures the what happened in 1917.Without cinematographic skills the movie will be slow.it made the movie interesting.

  • After that music,the bgm that comes in the emotinal scenes are sounds good.

What's not there in this film?.

  • Because of this story pictures the two soldiers journey you will feel little bit boring or slow but cinematography made that interesting.

Star performance:

  • The acting and the expressions of George mackay in both emotion and action scenes are good. So it fits to him.

Story line:(it is happening world war1 times)

  • Story line of this film is two British soldiers receive orders from higher officials to deliver the message to the next unit in order to stop the next attack,because it is a trap by enemies 

  • If they want to deliver, they have to cross the enemy territory.one solidier is died in this journey by enemies.other one wants to save his 1600 soldiers from enemies in this attack so he started his journey to deliver the message and the movie goes like that.


  • If you want to watch the war film with best cinematography,just go and watch.