Velvet nagaram movie review.

Velvet nagaram movie review.

Cast:Varalaxmi sarakumar,Rj Ramesh thilak,

Prakash raghavan,Kasthuri,Arjai,

Santhosh krishna.

Director:Manoj kumar natarajan.

Release date:6 March 2020.

Varalaxmi sarathkumar acted as a journalist in this film and kasthuri acted as actor and social worker in this film.

Firstly I thought Santhosh krishna  was a hero and Rj Ramesh thilak was a comedian but they are acted as a villain in this film.

Half of this story was finished in the house and the first half only in the outside.

Story line:

Story line was heroine was a journalist her friend was a social worker.

Villain's gang wants to take the hill station areas for their new company and they killed the tribals in that land by firing a whole places and house.

 Heroine friend collected a evidence and she was killed by villain's gang.heroine friend left the evidence in heroine's cousin or another friend but there is a another problem in cousin's house heroine's cousin's husband had fight with other rowdies they came to take revenge in that house heroine is surround by cousin's enemy and the story's main villain gangs and the story goes like that.

This film is one time watchable.