Trance(2020) movie review.

Trance movie review:

Cast:Fahadh fashil,Nazriya nazim,Gowtham menon,soubin sahir,chemban vinodh,Dileesh pothan,vinayakan.

Director:Anwar rasheed.

Music director:jackson vijayan, sushin shyam.

Acting of and expression of Gowtham menon,chemban vinod jose,Dileesh pothan as villain or negative role is good.

 the introduction scenes of nazriya is simply super.

Mainly we have to talk about the legend fahad fashil, he only lift the story on his shoulder without Fahad fashil the second half is nothing we cant see.

The first half is super and interesting but the second half is slow because of introduction of many characters and the length  of the movie is very long.

Story line;

Story line is hero is motivational speaker with depressed or psyic brother.he was fighting for day to day jobs and once a time his brother committed suicide like his mother. So hero was depressed and then he went to mumbai to work as a pastor and the movie goes like that.