Tamil classic movie:Thevar magan movie review.

Tamil classic movie thevar magan movie review:

Cast:Kamal Hassan,shivaji ganesan,nasar,gowthami,Revathi,vadivelu.


Nadigar dhilagam shivaji ganesan plays major role in this film as father of kamal Hassan.As the nick name indicates how was the acting of him in this movie.

Kamal Hassan fully changed as thevar magan in this film,about his we no need to speak at all(acting at his peak).

 Nasar plays a villain role in this movie.

Revathi plays a first heroine and gowthami played a second heroine in this movie.

the songs are also good and nice to hear,because the music director is illayaraja.

This film one of the classic and undoubtfully watchable film for many times without any borings

The story line was hero was a well educated and right minded person,when he comes to his village they are fighting for each other for their respect and honours without any worthfull reasons. So hero wants to stay in his village to  solve the problems and correct the people to right way without any fight.


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