Tanhaji Movie review.

Tanhaji movie review:

Cast:Ajay devgn,Saif ali khan,

kajol,Sharad kelkar,Neha sharma,Luke kenny,

shashank shende,Vipul Gupta,Nissar Khan.

Director:Om raut.

Release date:10 january 2020.

We never seen before, as Ajay devgn acted in historical films.

His acting and combo with Saif ali khan was super.

Ajay devgn played a very brave soldier role in this film and kajol played role of  wife fo this soldier in this film.

There are two terrifying roles in this movie one is Emperor Aurangzeb,it is played by Luke kenny and the other one is udaybanji it is played by Saif ali khan.

Story line:

Ajay devgn(Tanhaji) was one of the trusted friend and right hand of shivaji.once the mughals surround the shivaji's fort shivaji gave his one of his wall fort(wall of south india). Mughal emperor wanted to conqueror all over india,so he did a another attack.In this attack saif ali khan(udaybanji) was commander appointed by Aurangzeb.in the final udaybanji was defeated and the fort is conquered but the sad thing is Tanhanji also died in this battle.