Nadodigal 2 movie review.

Nadodigal 2 movie review:

Cast:M.sasikumar,Anjali,Athulya ravi,bharani,G.Gnanasambandar,Namo narayanan,samuthirakani.


Music director:justin prabhakaran.

This film is based upon the honour killing and no caste systems just like sasikumar recent movie Ettuthikkum para.

But it is better watch than that movie because of sasikumar.

The Comedy scenes are few in number compared to nadodigal one and the bgm is super in this film

Anjali acts as a social worker or reformer in this movie and Athulya ravi comes in secong half.

Samuthirakani plays a cameo role in his own film.we can see him in last scene.


The story line is hero was a social or public reformer against caste systems.he married a girl from his caste because of his relatives.but that girl is loving a another man from another caste,so hero joined this two couples against his relatives or caste members and then the caste members wants to kill that couples and the movie goes like that.