Kamal Hassan masterpiece;Hey Ram Movie review.

Kamala hassan masterpiece-Hey ram movie review;

Cast:kamal hassan,sharuk khan,vasundhara das,Rani mukherji,hema malini,Atul kulkarni and more.

Director:kamal hassan.

Music director:ilayaraaja.

Many legends were acted in this fillm such as sharuk khan,hema malini and more.they done a justice to their role by their brilliant acting.

Exactly kamal hassan acting as saket ram was mesmerizing.

Atul kulkarni exactly changed as that character.

Sharuk khan acted as a muslim guy in this film and the custume of sharuk khan was nicely fits to him for example that cap.

Most of the scenes of this movie were real that potrayed by adding some fake scenes by kamal hassan in this movie.

Story line;(its happening in 1946).

The story line is hero was brahmin and archealogist. He loved a girl from calcutta. During 1946 there is a riot in calcutta between muslim and hindu, in this riot one muslim guy killed his wife. So hero taken a revenge for her death to kill cause for the riot,deaths. He misunderstood gandhi was reason for this riot,so he wants to kill gandhi and the movie goes like that.

First 1.30hrs we dont know how is the time gone after there is little bit of slow.but the movie is interesting to watch what will happen next?.