Kamal hassan evergreen:Anbe sivam movie review.

Kamal hassan evergreen:Anbe sivam movie review.

Cast:kamal hassan,madhavan,nassar,kiran rathod,santhana bharathi,uma riyaz khan,yogi sethu,R.S.shivaji.


Music director:vidhyasagar.


Now a days we dont believe this is sundar.c  film,because these days he didnt take this type of movies.

Kamal hassan and madhavan combo was super in this film.

they are many heart touching scenes in this movie,because there are many reality or practical scenes in this movie

The scene between madhavan and the boy who madhavan given blood was realy awesome and in that scene the expression of madhavan,kamal hassan was super.

The last scene between kamal hassan and santhana bharathi was heart melting and phillosophical one.

Story line:

I wont tell this story just go and watch because this is great one. I dont know why is this film was flop that time(2003).

But this days,this film is favourite for many people and me.

If want to watch dont download this film its in youtube also.