Gypsy movie review.

Gypsy movie review:

Cast:jiiva,Susheela Raman,Sunny wayne,Natasha singh,Lal jose.

Director:Raju murugan.

Music director:Santhosh narayanan.

The main think we have talk is actor jiiva he was exactly changed as gypsy character.

There many dialogues and scenes in this movie that exactly describes the reality of whats happening india.

This film is based upon the hindu, muslim fight and how it affects the innocent people.

Natasha singh plays as a muslim girl in this film

The main scoring of this film after jiiva is music and the songs it goes to santhosh narayanan.

Story line:

The story line of this film is hero and his father was free living and easy going guys.

he was a singer he sings songs for the public issues.he married a muslim girl from tamil nadu without her parents permission and went to many places all over the india especially utterpradesh.

in utterpradsh there is riot many peoples were killed and many innocents were arrested, hero is one of them.In this riot hero's horse also killed by hindu men and heroine also feared and stressed about this riot and riot men.

she leaved the hero after riot and went to live with her father.

And after how they will join together this is story line of gypsy movie.