Forensic movie review.

Forensic movie review:

Cast:Tovino thomas,Mamtha mohandas,Reba 

Monica john,Srikanth murli,Dhanesh Anand,

Mohan sharma,Saiju kurup,Anwar shereef,

Renji panicker,pratap K.pothan,

Director:Akhil paul,Anas khan.

Release date:28 february 2020.

Music director:jakes bejoy.

Tovino thomas acted as a forensic investigator  and Mamth mohandas acted as a cop in this film.

The acting of Both Tovino thomas as investigator and Mamtha mohandas was super.

Firstly i thought Reba monica john was a heroine for Tovino but there is no heroine the real heroine is Mamtha mohandas.

The bgm was just mesmerizing especially that la la laaaa bgm.

Story line:

Villain was a serial killer he abduct the small children and kill them.hero was a forensic investigator with his forensic skills he tries to find the villain and the cause for the murders.and the movie goes like that.

I simply written the story line but there are many interesting scenes and twists in this movie.